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  1. Bile acids could be used to treat deadly prion disease

    U of A researcher Valerie Sim and research associate Leonardo Cortez have published a paper that suggests bile acids could help slow the progression of prion disease.

  2. Better Choices for Children

    U of A expert wants to educate kids on why they should make healthy decisions, not just how.

  3. 'Elder-friendly' surgical unity to get seniors home sooner

    UAlberta study seeks ways to create a healthier hospital environment for seniors.

  4. Video: Dr. Lynora Saxinger on the overuse of antibiotics

    Dr. Lynora Saxinger of the University of Alberta speaks about the overuse of antibiotics in Canada's health system.

  5. Edmonton to get Canada’s first “stroke” ambulance

    The University of Alberta Hospital is about to become the first in the country to receive a state-of-the-art ambulance that will help treat stroke patients before they arrive at the hospital.

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